ADMTA/SA Whitlock Theory Test
Spring Test: Saturday, February 11, 2017,  Concordia University, 10 am - 5 pm
A comprehensive written test which covers musical symbols, vocabulary, major & minor scales, chords, key signatures, transposing, ear training and intervals.  By completing this series of 12 tests a student has learned the equivalent of sophomore college theory.
Medals and certificates are awarded to the following scores:
                                     70 and above ---certificate
                                     90 - 93 -------- Bronze medal
                                     94 - 97 -------- Silver Medal
                                     98 - 100 ------- Gold Medal
This event is recommended for all students. Entry deadline  Friday, December 16, 2016.   Entry fee: $20.00 plus ***Student Affiliate Dues.

‚ÄčTMTA/ADMTA Convention Ensembles

June 15-17, 2017,  Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dallas, TX.

Students from all over Austin are invited to perform  in ensembles at the TMTA State Convention.  Each ensemble is made up of 6-30 students from different teachers from all over Austin. playing a duet arrangement for an audience of up to 800 people.  Participating students must take and pass the fall or spring Whitlock Theory Test with a  score of 70 or above.  Students rehearse every Saturday in May for an hour at Capital Music Store on Burnet Road.  Students must commit to making all rehearsals.  The performance at convention usually requires an overnight stay so students can attend a stage rehearsal, a lab rehearsal and the final performance.    Austin is able to send 6 ensembles of different playing levels to the state convention.   Students participating for 9 years will receive a cash award and plaque from TMTA.  Entry Deadline is: Friday, January 13, 2017.   Entry fee: $25.00.  


Junior Festival District Competition

Date - TBA

Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas

Entry fee - TBA

Entry Deadline – TBA

The National Federation of Music Clubs and the Wednesday Morning Music Club sponsor this festival for students of private music teachers.   The Junior Festival is usually held on a Saturday in February.  In the past different cities have taken turns hosting this festival. For the last few years we have been going to San Marcos for this festival.  Participating cities include Gonzales, San Antonio, San Marcos and Austin. 

In this festival students perform two compositions for a judge.  They are given a score of Superior, Excellent, or Very Good. All students will receive a written critique sheet with comments from the judge and a certificate 

Students may enter in as many of the following events as they wish: 

Piano Solo

Piano Duet - one piano, four hands 

Piano Trio - one piano, six hands

Piano Quartet - two pianos, eight hands

Piano Duo - two pianos, four hands


Vocal Solo - Art Song

Vocal Solo - Musical Theater

Hymn Playing

Every year a child attends the Junior Festival District Competition they receive points for their score.  A Superior rating receives 5 points, an Excellent rating receives 4 points, and a Very Good rating receives 3 points.  When a child builds up 15 points, a gold cup trophy is awarded. 

Highly recommended for all students who have had at least 6 months of lessons.


Junior Festival State Competition

Date - TBA

Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas

Entry Fee – TBA

Entry Deadline - TBA                                                                                 

Students who receive a Superior are invited to participate in the Junior Festival State Competition that will be held in May.  Different cities in Texas take turns hosting this event. Students who received a Superior rating at their District Festival, come from all over the state of Texas and compete for the All State Musician title.  The students are divided into small groups according to level and the judge selects one child to be the All State Musician.  That student is awarded a plaque and is asked to play in the All State Recital that same day.  The judge is also allowed to award Outstanding ratings.  Students that receive this rating are awarded a rosette ribbon.  Superior, Excellent and Very Good ratings are awarded straight ribbons. All students receive a critique sheet from their judge. 


Piano Guild Auditions

The National Guild of Piano Teachers is an organization that serves musicians all over the world.  The headquarters is here in Austin.  Auditions held May 1- 26, 2017  at the Austin School of Music, 13945 Hwy 183 North (Northeast corner of 183 and 620).  Entry fees range from $21.00 to $45.00 depending on how many selections the student performs.    

The Guild is an international organization that holds auditions all over the world for students of all ages. 

Students are encouraged to memorize 2 to 20 songs every year, along with the scale and cadence for each song.  The terms Pledge, Local, District, State, National, or International are used to designate the number of pieces played.

Pledge - student plays 1 memorized song, scale and cadence

Local - student plays 2 or 3 memorized songs, scales and cadences 

District - student plays 4, 5, 0r 6 memorized songs, scales and cadences

State - student plays 7, 8, or 9 songs, scales and cadences

National - student plays 10 to 14 songs, scales and cadences

International - student plays 15 to 20 songs, scales and cadences 

Musicianship phases may also be added instead of a song. These include: 

Scales - student plays all major scales, natural, harmonic and melodic minor, scales as well as relative and parallel minor 

Chords/Cadences - student plays tonic chord of all major and minor scales and then plays the scale cadence of I V I or I IV I V I. 

Arpeggios - student plays tonic major and minor triad, two octaves, hand over hand or with thumb turns. 

Ear training - beginning level students identify high/low, ascending/descending notes, upper level students identify intervals in the major and minor scales.  

Transposition/Improvisation - student must transpose (change key) an eight-measure phrase or short song into two other keys OR play an improvisation for the judge. Structure of improvisation must be given in outline form to the judge.  

Sight-reading - student must play a four to eight measure phrase of music provided by the judge, they are graded on accuracy. A students sight-reading level is two levels below playing level.  


All students will receive a big certificate and a Guild fraternity pin.  Inside the certificate the judge scores the students performance with a Superior, Excellent, or Very Good rating.

Entry deadline: Friday, January 13, 2017.

Music Room Spring Recital 

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location – Bachus Conservatory Recital Hal

Parents, family and friends are invited to attend.  

Highly recommended for all students who have had at least 6 months of lessons.