Music Room Studio

 Information and Policies 2016-2017

Private piano and theory lessons are provided on a weekly basis in 30 and 45 minute time slots.

Students are expected to enroll for the entire fall (Sept. to Dec.) and/or spring (Jan. to  May) semester.

Lessons are expected to be prepared each week and students are encouraged to ask any questions they may have between lessons by calling or emailing.   Should parents have any questions concerning their child’s work, calls and emails are always welcome.
Neatness is expected. Students are requested to come to lessons with hands washed and nails trimmed.  Please no muddy sport shoes or wet swim suits.  Gum chewing is not permitted at lessons.

Students may be dropped off no more than five minutes before their lesson and should be picked up promptly unless special arrangements have been made.   

Parents are invited to sit in on the lesson.  Please turn off cell phones and refrain from talking to other waiting students and parents.  A bench is provided outside for those who wish to talk.

Please be prompt with your lesson time.  Time will not be taken from the following lesson to accommodate late arrivals.

Parents of new students are required to register their child for piano lessons on the studio website located at   By registering your child you will have convenient access to my online calendar which will show all studio events and deadlines, weekly schedule, you may view your monthly statements and charges and you will receive email notices and reminders regarding studio events. 
Parents of returning students are ask to log on to their account and update any contact information such as cell phone numbers or home addresses that have changed over the past year.

Learning to play the piano is an ongoing endeavor, which requires dedication and discipline on the part of the student.  Piano study is a partnership between student, parent, and teacher. The lesson is a very small part of the week.  It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to see that the remainder of the week is productive.

Work with your child to establish a routine.  Students are encouraged to keep a practice record, and to work toward musical goals rather than simply counting minutes.  It is consistent, efficient, daily practice that leads to the satisfaction and joy of steady progress towards solid musicianship.  Although the quality of the time is most important. I suggest the following guidelines for daily practice:
5-8 years old: 15-20 minutes,  9-11 years old: 25-30 minutes,  12-15 years old: 35-40 minutes,  16 and older: 45-60 minutes.


Please be aware that your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you.  I work very hard each year to create a weekly schedule based on student requests.  Please honor this time with the same attention given to other activities.  Sometimes unexpected events occur making it difficult for a student to attend a scheduled lesson.  With this in mind here is how to handle conflicts regarding your child’s lesson time.  


If you have a known conflict like a band concert or religious function coming up and need to switch your scheduled lesson there are 2 options to help. 

 Each parent will receive a swap list containing all weekly student lessons times, names and parent email addresses.   Parents may email the parents of students they would like to switch times with.  Teacher should be copied on all these communications.  

 If you prefer me to find a lesson switch for you, email, text or call in your request, by Saturday the week before the conflict, and  I will make calls on Sunday evening to rearrange your child’s lesson.


If you have an unexpected conflict arise such as illness or car trouble the night before or the day of your child’s lesson, please email, text or call ASAP to let me know you child will not be at the lesson.  A makeup lesson is not guaranteed in this situation. The students name will be placed on a list and when there is a vacancy in the weekly schedule students are called from the list to take the vacant lesson time.  The sooner notification is received the more time there is to call another student in.


There will be no makeup lesson or credit for students who do not show up for their scheduled lesson without notifying the teacher.  


During the summer months, a regular practice schedule should be maintained so the student does not regress.  Students are required to take 3 hours of lessons over the summer months (June, July and August) to guarantee them a space in the fall. 

Students may be dismissed for any of the following reasons.
*Repeated failure to attend lessons
*Repeated failure to prepare lessons
*Behavior or attitude problems
*Nonpayment of tuition or other expenses

Students wishing to withdraw from lessons may give 30 days notice and/or tuition and withdraw.